LED Lights for Balcombe Parish Room

Whilst restrictions on social contact related to Covid were in place, we decided to focus on simplifying our Community Fund application process. Once launched on our website we were delighted when the Balcombe Parish Room management committee approached us for help in completing their conversion to full LED lighting. They had been replacing them one by one, as the old bulbs finally died and as funding became available.

However, with a grant of £1,199 from our Community Fund, they were able to complete the conversion just in time to help mitigate the recent rise in electricity prices.

Here’s what they had to say in the June 2022 edition of Balcombe village Magazine:

We are very pleased to report that Repower Balcombe awarded The Parish Room a grant from their Community Benefit Fund.  The application was to convert all the light fittings to use LED lighting and thus reduce the energy required to light the room. Repower Balcombe very generously awarded a grant to cover the full cost of this conversion.  Based on the reduction in Wattage the electricity usage for lighting could be as little as 20% of previously. As well as the very welcome reduction in our carbon footprint the new light fittings look very smart, so make sure you look up on your next visit.  Last month it was reported that the church had also received a grant to convert to LED, so Repower Balcombe’s fund is certainly benefiting our community.

Mostyn Field

(Chair Management Committee)

Perhaps we can help your organisation’s energy / climate saving project. We are especially keen to help those organisations where lack of funds is stopping you from making progress.

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