Repower Balcombe grant lights up St Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church, Balcombe

As we approach the winter months, St Mary’s Church is so grateful to Repower Balcombe for the generous £2,368.45 grant donation that was given in August 2022. The church will see the benefits particularly around the lychgate area and the steps leading out to the carpark. Similarly, all lights within the church now run off LED bulbs.

With the well-publicised energy crisis and increased demands to reduce carbon emissions, the Church is pleased to report that this upgrade on the lighting systems is estimated to have reduced the wattage from 3,378 down to 496 when all the lights are on at any one time.

Thank you, Repower Balcombe, and to everyone that contributed to ensuring the completion of this project.

St Mary’s Church

The Church had already replaced some of its lighting with LED light bulbs and fittings but was keen to complete the conversion of all their lights to LEDs, both internally and externally.

Following a visit from the Co-operative, the church submitted an application using our new online system, allowing us to reach a rapid decision, vital with the current increases in energy costs.

If you have a local energy-saving project, especially where a lack of funds is preventing you from making progress, then please check out our funding criteria before submitting your application.