Imberhorne School

In April 2016 we installed a 50kW solar PV system at Imberhorne School in East Grinstead.

In April 2017, using our community benefit fund, we provided money for installing 158 new LED light fittings and PIRs (Passive Infrared sensors).

This is predicted to conserve more than 19,500 kWh of electricity a year.
A saving of over £2000 a year for the school.

There will also be money saved on maintenance, as LED bulbs last much longer than traditional fittings.
This saving over the longer lives of the fittings is estimated at over £2000.

The LED lighting is being installed one year after REPOWERBalcombe installed 50kWp of solar PV on the Imberhorne sixth form building.
This generated over 43,000kWh of green electricity in its first year.

The LED fittings and PIRs were fitted by the school premises staff.