The Team

The Directors

Tom Parker – Chair

Tom has lived and worked in Turners Hill for over 20 years as a Head Gardener, and is currently chair of  the REPOWERBalcombe Co-operative and a director at Springbok Sustainable Wood Heat.  As a governor at Turners Hill School Tom has been responsible for a number of environmental initiatives including solar power, wind turbines, air source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting, LED lighting and planting a woodland. Tom has made his century-old house carbon neutral and  has recently purchased an electric car. He is very keen to see community energy groups develop locally and benefit our area in the same way as others he has been involved with. He is married with two children at a local school.

E4All Director

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Tim Green

Tim has lived in Balcombe with his family since 2004. He is a professor of electrical power engineering at Imperial College London and co-director of Imperial’s interdisciplinary energy institute, the Energy Futures Lab. His research work has focused on the integration of renewable energy into electricity grids. Tim is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Julian Wilkins

Julian, a Brightonian by birth and a Balcombe resident, has never left his Sussex roots. Since 2016, Julian has been REPOWERBalcombe’s Legal Director. Julian practices as a solicitor and notary public in Sussex and London; he advises other community energy groups and advised on the Riding Sunbeams solar traction pilot project at Aldershot. Julian is a commercial mediator and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. His other activities include Legal Analyst for Automotive EV, particularly on ESG (Environmental, Social Governance) issues. He is also a guest lecturer for University of Reading and University of Law. Julian is an editorial contributor to the EU Audiovisual Observatory’s, a member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and until recently edited the ITN 1955 Club newsletter.

Anthony Woolhouse

Anthony Woolhouse is passionate about living a sustainable life. He lives in an eco-house, drives electric cars and invests in renewable energy projects.

He is chairman of West Solent Solar Cooperative. He has joined the board of Repower Balcombe as the Traction projects one of the few projects likely to be built without subsidy.

He is a Quaker and this is core to his belief that substantial change is needed if we are to manage climate change. He gives frequent talks to groups far and wide on a more sustainable world.

The rest of the Team

Charles Metcalfe

Charles is an internationally renowned wine critic, known to TV audiences as Richard and Judy’s drinks expert. Charles moved to Balcombe with his wife Kathryn and their three children in 2003. They have both played an enthusiastic part in village life, and look forward to the day when Balcombe can generate its own renewable energy, rather than wrenching the last drops and hisses of fossil fuels from under its green fields and ancient woodlands. In 2020, they moved to the centre of Portugal, and are making the most of the sunnier climate..

Jane Fitzpatrick

Jane’s family moved to Balcombe in the mid 1950’s. She attended Staplefield Primary School and then the Grammar School in Haywards Heath. After living for periods of time in London, Brussels and New Zealand, she returned to live in Balcombe in 1987 and work as a teacher. Having become increasingly concerned about global warming, and the consequences of our reliance on fossil fuels, she tries to be aware of and minimise her own carbon footprint. Jane sees the formation of REPOWERBalcombe as a positive move in the right direction and hopes that it will be part of a bigger, nationwide trend towards adopting more sustainable ways of living. She also hopes it will inspire young people in particular and encourage them to create a world built on renewable energy.

Malcolm Kenward

I was born in Brighton and have lived in Balcombe with my family since 1988. I am now retired after a long career in Information Technology, starting back in the days of punched cards and mainframe computers with just 32k of memory, which made Programming extremely challenging at the time! My interest in REPOWER is due to wanting to do something positive about moving away from burning fossil fuels for energy generation and its resultant impact on our climate. All life depends on clean air, water and food, above all else, and it is our duty to provide this for all of mankind both today and for future generations. The achievements of REPOWER and of the many similar initiatives throughout the UK,  show that local communities can make a positive contribution towards improving our environment. REPOWERBalcombe bringing “Power to the People” – the words of Citizen Smith (Robert Lindsay), 1977 to 1980.

Jackie Emery

Jackie has lived in Balcombe since 2005. Following a working career in nursing and teaching, she has a keen interest in addressing fuel poverty and the negative effects of this on health and education. As a garden volunteer she is reminded daily of the effects of climate change and feels we all need to work our socks off to reduce the threat to our home planet She is keen to promote positive ways that we can “keep the lights on” and to highlight the urgency of the debate to the wider public.

Gillian Maher

Gillian’s awareness of environmental disruption developed young, when the coal fires which heated our homes were banned, after the resulting smogs paralysed London and our major cities, causing thousands of deaths – and many others to develop acute respiratory conditions. In the 1960’s Gillian noticed that the small flies which had smothered the windscreen of her electric car on summer evenings, had disappeared. In the 1980’s our butterfly and bee populations began to collapse too. Now, an increasing number of viruses are killing our trees and shrubs at the same time as we are experiencing unprecedented levels of air pollution across all of the country. Is there a connection? Perhaps we should not wait for confirmation; but focus on developing clean, sustainable, cheap and locally produced energy, which allows our natural world to flourish. REPOWERBalcombe is Gillian’s answer to Nature’s prayers!

Our Partners

Possible (formerly 10:10) brings people together to do positive, practical stuff that helps solve climate change. 10:10 set up a dedicated campaign – BackBalcombe – for people outside the Balcombe area to support our mission and find out how they can get started re-powering their area.

Energy4All‘s mission is to expand the number of renewable energy co-operatives in the UK as an integral part of our transition to a low carbon economy.

The Ouse Valley Energy Services Company (OVESCO) aims to use community investment to increase the development of renewable energy and share skills with others to do the same in the South East.

Community Energy South (CES) is an association of community energy groups across Southeast England, including Sussex, Hampshire and Kent. Their mission is to encourage the growth of community owned renewable energy in the South East, increase energy efficiency and to help educate the communities in the South East to use less oil, coal and gas.

A huge thank you also for the advice and support from the following lovely people:

  • Julian Fitzsimons – contributed countless hours as the chair of the group as we established ourselves and developed our solar installations.
  • Joe Nixon – also contributed huge amounts of time and effort as a director in the first 2-3 years of REPOWERBalcombe’s journey.
  • Millie Darling – a renewables ambassador without whom this project would not have got off the ground.
  • Leo Murray from Possible (formerly 10:10) – an inspirational environmental ambassador providing us with huge amounts of information and support
  • Howard Johns from Southern Solar – a UK renewables pioneer who has shared his knowledge and lent us support
  • Mike Smyth from Energy4All – a UK Renewables legend who has more community energy experience than probably anyone else!
  • Rachael Hunter from Wey Valley Solar – for sharing her valued knowledge to help us start
  • Ollie Pendered from Community Energy South – for supporting us and all community energy groups across Sussex
  • Stephen Reid for setting up our original website