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Welcome to REPOWERBalcombe

Our aim is community-owned, locally generated energy through clean, renewable technologies, and to encourage the move away from climate-changing fossil fuels.

Our primary achievements since our formation in 2013:

Awards Logo 2016 - finalist
  • 2015
    First solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels installed on a farm and two local schools
  • 2016
    Planning permission obtained for a large solar array on a local farm
  • 2016 – 2020
    Further solar installations on local schools and businesses
  • 2017 Innovation
    First ever UK combined installation of solar PV and batteries in a local school
  • 2017 Inspiration
    for ‘Riding Sunbeams’, a project for solar arrays to provide power for rail transport
  • 2016 – today
    Disbursements of funds to local schools and charities for energy-saving projects such as LED lighting, electricity storage batteries, solar panels and community fridges

Please navigate through our website to find out more about REPOWERBalcombe, our people, our objectives, our many achievements and how to get involved.

Tom Parker – Chairman

Our Solar Generation sites

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