We wish to thank all those who have been part of the Co-operative’s management team, as Directors and team members, since its formation in 2013. Without them we would not have achieved the success we now enjoy.

Thank you all.

This is a new page where we wish to remember all those who helped establish and grow the Co-operative. More members of the alumni will be added in due course – Ed 3rd July 2022

Charles Metcalfe

Charles is an internationally renowned wine critic, known to TV audiences as Richard and Judy’s drinks expert. Charles moved to Balcombe with his wife Kathryn and their three children in 2003. They have both played an enthusiastic part in village life, and look forward to the day when Balcombe can generate its own renewable energy, rather than wrenching the last drops and hisses of fossil fuels from under its green fields and ancient woodlands. In 2020, they moved to the centre of Portugal, and are making the most of the sunnier climate.

Anthony Woolhouse

Anthony Woolhouse is passionate about living a sustainable life. He lives in an eco-house, drives electric cars and invests in renewable energy projects.

He is a director of West Solent Solar Cooperative. He has joined the board of Repower Balcombe as the Traction project’s one of the few projects likely to be built without subsidy.

Jackie Emery

Jackie has lived in Balcombe since 2005. Following a working career in nursing and teaching, she has a keen interest in addressing fuel poverty and the negative effects of this on health and education. As a garden volunteer she is reminded daily of the effects of climate change and feels we all need to work our socks off to reduce the threat to our home planet She is keen to promote positive ways that we can “keep the lights on” and to highlight the urgency of the debate to the wider public.