Brook Farm, Reigate

Repower installs its first solar generation site since the end of the Covid lock-down.

Demonstrating their faith in Repower Balcombe and our community owned Co-operative model, together with the success of our solar arrays on two of their buildings at their vehicle breakers yard at Pease Pottage, the Bridges family asked us to install solar panels on their buildings at Brook Farm, Reigate. The buildings were once used for farming but are being refurbished as industrial units, to be powered with green energy, at lower prices than those available from the main energy suppliers.

  • Panels – 65 Canadian Solar 405W
  • Inverter – Solis 25.0
  • System Size (kWp) – 26.325
  • Annual Generation (kWh) – 25,325
  • CO2 savings (tonnes/year) – 6.47