Repurposed laptops for St Wilfrid’s

Addressing climate change is not limited to reducing our dependence on burning fossil fuels for energy by replacing them with renewable energy. We can also help by recycling.

We are pleased to report that, with a grant of £1,247 from our Community Fund, we donated 4 repurposed laptops for students at St Wilfrid’s Catholic School in Crawley.

Repurposed laptops for students

The laptop has been so helpful, especially in lock down. It meant I could access all of my work and keep up with my GCSE subjects. I am still using it now for my homework and it makes life a lot easier as me and my brother don’t have to share

St Wilfrid’s Catholic Student

The donation of these laptops had an invaluable effect on the students. The students who were given them in lockdown were able to keep up with their studies and access all of our online learning. Many families had the pressure of sharing one laptop between a few children, and in many cases the additional funding helped to relieve the pressure at home and ensure students could continue their education even through the pandemic.

Megan Kennedy- Assistant Headteacher