Repower Balcombe supports Forest Row Community Fridge

Repower Balcombe seeks to use its Community Fund to support local people in close proximity to Balcombe, in their actions towards achieving a ‘green’ future.

Initially we considered installing a solar array on the Community Fridge building, but we then discovered they were using old fridges which, although still serviceable, were far less energy efficient than current models.

So we changed tack and offered to provide them with new, more energy efficient fridges instead, with a grant of £645 from our Community Fund.

The Forest Row Community Fridge, with its new fridges, was officially opened on Saturday 15th February 2020.

To find out more about the Forest Row Community Fridge, please visit their facebook page.

Community Fridge is a refrigerator (colloquially “fridge”) located in a public space. It enables food to be shared within a community, as anyone can put food in and take food out. The main aim of Community Fridges is to reduce food waste. They also enable people facing hardship to have easy access to fresh, nutritious food. Community Fridges are normally social spaces that enable people to connect to their communities. Some Community Fridges also have an associated area for non-perishable food.