LED Lights for Bramble Hall

Visitors to Bramble Hall may have noticed the many high floodlights, the primary source of lighting for the hall. But you may not know that there’s an Energy Group within the Parish Council. Apart from covering activities at the Lower Stumble oil exploration site on our behalf, they are also interested in reducing their energy costs.

The primary energy expenditure is on street lighting where the bulbs are gradually being replaced with LED light fittings as the old bulbs die, which should lead to a gradual decline in those energy bills and ongoing maintenance costs.

But those high powered flood lights in the hall were also expensive to run and difficult to replace when they failed, given how high they are. With a grant of £555 from our Community Fund they’ve now all been replaced with LED light fittings which not only use around 10% of the energy for the same level of light as the old bulbs , but also reduce ongoing maintenance costs because the bulbs last longer.

This was a joint initiative, with the Co-op providing replacement bulbs and fittings, and the Parish Council funding the installation cost.

The energy saving is estimated to be 1500kWh per year, helping to reduce the running costs of Bramble Hall.