London Economic: Anti Fracking Town Turns to Solar

This is an in depth article highlighting our aim to become self-sufficient in energy against a background of the threat of fracking for oil within 500metres of the village. It also highlights similar initiatives elsewhere in the UK.

Residents of Balcombe Move to Make Community Self-sufficient in Energy

The supporters of fracking make an argument that is difficult to refute. They say shale gas is essential to the UK’s energy needs, that it will give us security from troublesome oil barons and gas czars, and that nothing else will do until we have nuclear power stations, and lots of them.

So try this as a counter-strategy. Make your community self-sufficient through the clean, green power of renewables. Oh, and release yourself from the tight grip of the Big Six energy companies at the same time.

Alex Vasili, 1st April 2014, The London Economic

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