LED Lighting for Balcombe School

Last December we received a phone call from the school asking for advice on how best to spent some new government funding, targeted at reducing their energy needs.

Our chairman, Tom Parker, toured the school with our thermal imaging camera, highlighting where the school was leaking energy. After a brief discussion, Tom’s advice was to spend the government provided funds on improving the fabric of the building to reduce energy losses and then to apply to Repower for a grant from our Community Fund to replace all their remaining non-LED lighting.

The school then obtained quotes (total £4,198) for new lighting as follows:

  • Toilets
    • 5 x 28 watt LED 5 foot batten lights
    • 1 x LED bulkhead light
    • PIR ceiling sensor switch
  • Library
    • 8 x backlit LED tile panels
    • 2 x backlit LED emergency tile panels
  • School Hall
    • 16 x 58 watt 5 foot LED light fittings

One of our primary objectives with the Community Fund is to help those schools that host our solar arrays, for they are in part contributing to that fund. We unanimously approved this application and were pleased to see that the new lighting was successfully installed during the school holidays.

This is a timely project as fluorescent light tubes were banned from sale, starting 1st September 2023.