£49,000 invested by the local community

We are overjoyed to announce that our first public share offer was a huge success. We launched the offer on the 28th of February and it was massively oversubscribed in under a month, with share applications totalling an excess of £70,000.

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As we are a community-focused energy co-operative, we prioritised applications from local residents. We are pleased to announce that 100% of the £49,000 of investment came from people living within a 12 mile radius of Balcombe village.

This is the ideal result for us, from the beginning we have wanted this to be a project by and for the local community, and we are delighted to see our plans becoming a reality.

Very soon, we will be using the finance to install panels on Balcombe Primary and Turners Hill Primary.

Thank you to everyone who invested. During the next week, emails will go out to investors confirming application status, and share certificates will follow shortly afterwards.

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