If you have any questions or comments, or are interested in getting involved in our energy co-operative please do get in contact with us.

Local residents’ enquires: hello@repowerbalcombe.com

Press enquires: press@repowerbalcombe.com

Share and finance enquires: finance@repowerbalcombe.com

All other enquiries: hello@backbalcombe.org

REPOWERBalcombe is run by an enthusiastic group of local volunteers from the village of Balcombe. We are a friendly group from many different backgrounds who all firmly believe that promoting and generating clean renewable energy is a good thing. We meet up a couple of times per month in our spare time to plan and work towards our goals and we are always keen to welcome more people to get involved. We are particularly interested in welcoming new group members with legal, accountancy and surveying expertise.

If you’re from outside the Balcombe area but would like to support our project then please get in touch with our partners at 10:10, who are working on a national campaign – www.backbalcombe.org – to help us repower our village.