Welcome to REPOWERBalcombe:

Awards Logo 2016  - finalist

A project that aims to generate the equivalent to 100% of Balcombe’s electricity demand through community-owned locally-generated renewable energy.


In 2015 REPOWERBalcombe installed 45kWp of solar photovoltaics (PV), at a local farm and two local schools. Early in 2016 we are building on our successes of last year by installing an additional 100kWp of solar PV at two additional local schools thanks to a recently successful share offer raising £110,000.
In September 2015 we achieved planning permission to build a 4.8MW community-owned solar farm. This was a flagship opportunity to demonstrate what local communities can achieve, but just hours away from signing we have been forced to abandon at the eleventh hour after the Treasury unexpectedly scrapped a tax break that community energy projects rely on to raise funds.

We wanted our solar dream to inspire people all over the world, but the government have brought that dream to an end with a series of policy changes that are devastating to the community energy sector and the wider renewable energy sector in the UK.

Despite this adversity we will continue to  generate renewable electricity, reduce the carbon footprint of local schools and businesses and put money in to the community to support energy efficiency, renewable and sustainable projects